How To Do Social Media Like Tai Lopez

At the marketing agency I work at we have been studying Tai Lopez lately. If you haven’t heard of Tai Lopez then you probably don’t use YouTube or social media at all, that’s all I can guess. No I’m only kidding, but basically he’s a guy who has taken over social media lately and now people are studying his strategies because they are so effective. Even universities an colleges have picked up his strategies and started teaching them.

When the company boss brought us in for a meeting a few weeks ago and said we were going to start modelling what Tai Lopez is doing for a few of our clients to be honest I was a little surprised. I kind of thought who the heck is this guy, and why are we going to model the “here in my garage” guy from YouTube?

Little did I know that he was actually a marketing genius that all of us can learn from. I remember I started Googling about the guy and came across a bunch of Tai Lopez scam articles but to be honest, all of them were a lie, there was only a few that told the real truth.

So who is Tai Lopez?

Rather than go on about his achievements and what he does, let me share a few resource links with you:

Basically the guy has a lot of following on social media and ISN’T a celebrity. He’s basically become a celebrity online through his very own marketing abilities, not from some scandal or because he’s an actor or whatever. He’s done his own marketing in order to grow his following online and make a lot of money from it too.

There’s no real figures about how much Tai Lopez makes from his social media but people estimate it to be 8-figures per year and rising fast. There’s no doubt he’s going to be sitting on a 9 figure brand soon that’s for sure.

Tai Lopez – His Strategies

Tai Lopez says that in order to be successful with social media you need to create your backstory. His backstory is that he had $47 bucks in his bank account and through getting educated with books and mentors he turned his life around and now has an amazing lifestyle, travels the world whenever he wants, has a mansion in Beverly Hills and over $1 million of luxury cars.

He says that the keys to being successful with social media platforms is to NOT treat all the platforms the same. You have to cultivate your content for each platform differently. Don’t just cross promote all the same content across the different brands. Tai explains in one of his videos that YouTube is a long form content platform. That means that longer videos do better on that platform, whereas Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are short form platforms.

Facebook is evolving with their live video’s but generally speaking short videos still do better on Facebook than long ones. When it comes to Snapchat you need to have a story and make your snapchat interesting because ultimately snapchat tells the truth. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are more polished platforms, but Snapchat tells the truth.

Snapchat is a great way to engage with your fans and show that you are real.

How Are We Using These Tips?

It’s actually pretty simple. Like Tai Lopez says you need to use the platforms differently. At the agency what we were guilty of doing is posting our own content (and clients content) across multiple platforms. This worked okay and was certainly better than doing nothing but it’s not the best way to do things. Instead create content specifically for each platform.

Those are just some of the things we are learning from his methods. He recently released his Traveling CEO program teaching you how to travel the world and get small businesses to pay you. I’m planning on purchasing the product myself soon so I can learn the strategies (please don’t tell my boss!). You can read a full review of Traveling CEO at NoBsImReviews blog.

I did some research and this was the only genuine review I could find.

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First Real Post – How To Get Cheap Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever wanted to run ads on Facebook but wonder what the best way to do it is I’m going to show you.

Working at a marketing agency is great for me because we get to test a number of different methods and learn what works and what doesn’t. When I first started my career I had no clue how to even run Facebook ads. Fortunately I was taken on as an intern, learned how to do things and then got hired full time.

Let me break down how you actually run cheap ads, and the best way.

Step 1 – Use Facebook Video Ads

After running all kinds of ads at the agency one thing I noticed was just how cheap Facebook video ads are. The reason for this is that Facebook gives far better reach to videos. This means that when you use videos they actually reach far more of your audience. Even when not running ads and simply posting content to a fan page what you’ll find is that videos reach far more people. Compare posting a text status, to a image and a video and I guarantee the video will get far more organic reach.

Step 2 – Pick Videos With Viral Potential

The main thing about successful Facebook video ads is that they have to have a viral factor. This means that they need to have the potential to go viral. After running many different types of Facebook video ads I noticed that the ones that perform the best are the ones that get people tagging their friends in. When people start watching your video and tagging their friends in the comments this is when a video can go viral very quickly.

Step 3 – Boost To Hand Picked Audiences

Don’t just boost to the people who like your page. Instead boost to an audience that you think will like your content. How do you actually find these audiences? The best thing to do is find other pages/brands on Facebook similar to yours. Then choose these as audiences you can target in Facebook. If the audience is too small you probably won’t be able to target it, however as long as the audience is big enough you’ll be able to target those people.

One of the projects I manage is a SuperCar page. When we boost content and run Facebook ads we target other popular pages to do with Supercars and big YouTubers. It’s a good strategy and one reason we can get super cheap likes.

Conclusion… Facebook Ads Are CHEAP.

Implement these simple steps and you’ll see just how cheap Facebook can be! Thanks for visiting.

Welcome to the blog

So what is my blog all about? I world for an internet marketing company. Day to day I manage Facebook ads, posting content for numerous companies across Facebook and Instagram platforms and also deal with SEO. SEO is more of a side thing for me, as that’s not my primary focus, however social media in general is what I do.

I’ve put this blog together to share my tips, tricks, experiments and general knowledge to help others. I am by no means an expert but I am learning each day, and I’ll update on the blog as I learn and experiment with new things.

Why did I pick this random domain name? I wanted to give myself an edge SEO wise by using an aged domain and not a brand new one. SEO’s would argue that an older domain is going to help me achieve better results, so it’s all part of the experiment, will this help me? We’ll find out as I blog more! New post coming soon so stay tuned.