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First Real Post – How To Get Cheap Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever wanted to run ads on Facebook but wonder what the best way to do it is I’m going to show you.

Working at a marketing agency is great for me because we get to test a number of different methods and learn what works and what doesn’t. When I first started my career I had no clue how to even run Facebook ads. Fortunately I was taken on as an intern, learned how to do things and then got hired full time.

Let me break down how you actually run cheap ads, and the best way.

Step 1 – Use Facebook Video Ads

After running all kinds of ads at the agency one thing I noticed was just how cheap Facebook video ads are. The reason for this is that Facebook gives far better reach to videos. This means that when you use videos they actually reach far more of your audience. Even when not running ads and simply posting content to a fan page what you’ll find is that videos reach far more people. Compare posting a text status, to a image and a video and I guarantee the video will get far more organic reach.

Step 2 – Pick Videos With Viral Potential

The main thing about successful Facebook video ads is that they have to have a viral factor. This means that they need to have the potential to go viral. After running many different types of Facebook video ads I noticed that the ones that perform the best are the ones that get people tagging their friends in. When people start watching your video and tagging their friends in the comments this is when a video can go viral very quickly.

Step 3 – Boost To Hand Picked Audiences

Don’t just boost to the people who like your page. Instead boost to an audience that you think will like your content. How do you actually find these audiences? The best thing to do is find other pages/brands on Facebook similar to yours. Then choose these as audiences you can target in Facebook. If the audience is too small you probably won’t be able to target it, however as long as the audience is big enough you’ll be able to target those people.

One of the projects I manage is a SuperCar page. When we boost content and run Facebook ads we target other popular pages to do with Supercars and big YouTubers. It’s a good strategy and one reason we can get super cheap likes.

Conclusion… Facebook Ads Are CHEAP.

Implement these simple steps and you’ll see just how cheap Facebook can be! Thanks for visiting.