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Welcome to the blog

So what is my blog all about? I world for an internet marketing company. Day to day I manage Facebook ads, posting content for numerous companies across Facebook and Instagram platforms and also deal with SEO. SEO is more of a side thing for me, as that’s not my primary focus, however social media in general is what I do.

I’ve put this blog together to share my tips, tricks, experiments and general knowledge to help others. I am by no means an expert but I am learning each day, and I’ll update on the blog as I learn and experiment with new things.

Why did I pick this random domain name? I wanted to give myself an edge SEO wise by using an aged domain and not a brand new one. SEO’s would argue that an older domain is going to help me achieve better results, so it’s all part of the experiment, will this help me? We’ll find out as I blog more! New post coming soon so stay tuned.